After Jay-Z Slams Trump Again, the President Fires Back

January 29, 2018Jan 29, 2018

Music artist and successful businessman Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, has been a consistent Trump critic since the 2016 presidential election. Initially, Jay-Z—a well-known Clinton supporter—refused to comment on Trump winning the election, but late last year, he finally spoke out.

Jay-Z, the husband of award-winning singer Beyonce, previously called Trump a “joke” and “unsophisticated,” refusing to offer his respect to the President of the United States. Over the weekend, the rapper spoke out against President Trump again.

In an interview with CNN on Saturday, Jay-Z and host Van Jones were discussing Trump’s involvement with African-American communities. In their opinion, Trump should not get credit for the low black unemployment rates, and additionally, called the President’s recent “sh--hole countries” remark “disappointing” and “hurtful.”

Jay-Z also said, "I mean, he could have come in and done stuff that reversed that trend. He could have come in and done terrible things. And he didn't. So there was a bull market under Obama. He kept that going, maybe accelerated it. Unemployment was coming down. He kept that going. Great.”

He continued, “But you're not listening to the voices of the black community who say that's not enough to make up for sh--hole countries. That's not enough to make up for insulting black football players, saying all of our communities are terrible."

President Trump responded to Jay-Z’s remarks on Sunday.

The President stated, “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

If you missed Jay-Z’s interview on CNN, please watch it below.

Meanwhile, the President has yet to respond to Eminem's bashing remarks. The award-winning rapper previously admitted that he was "extremely upset" that President Trump did not issue a response.

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