After Florida, Ben Watson Says This is What Needs to Change to Stop Shootings

February 21, 2018Feb 21, 2018

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, who is known for his pro-life views and conservative politics, has a unique view on what leads to shootings like the one that happened in Florida last week. In an interview with Fox News, he urged America to take a look at its culture. He argued that “people suffer” when faith is taken out of the public square.

Watson appeared on Fox News to discuss a Facebook post he made after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. In that post, the NFL player challenged Americans to “take an honest assessment of our culture in its totality and how it relates to this tragedy and others like it.”

He highlighted the fact that while people turn to prayer to understand the tragedy, prayer isn't allowed in schools.

He wrote, "Over this week while we have been driven to our knees as countless voices invoke prayer, I am haunted by the fact that this very exercise is forbidden in this school and thousands of others across our nation. I ask myself, 'If He is God in crisis is He not also God in peace?! If he is worthy of our desperate cries in distress is he not worthy for us to seek Him and submit our lives to Him daily?'"

In this interview, Watson repeated the sentiments he expressed in the Facebook post. He gave a moving testimony about the importance of faith in culture to prevent these tragedies.

“Every time there’s an instance like this, something really horrific, we talk about respecting life,” Watson told Martha MacCallum. “And while that’s very important, we have to look at our culture as a whole. We incarcerate our young men at alarming rates, vote for things that create the disintegration of the family, murder 60 million of our unborn since Roe v. Wade — we’re really a culture that gravitates toward violence.”

In his Facebook post, he added: "We encourage a lifestyle of relativism, free expression, and a capricious standard of morality that is based on whims rather than wisdom. We condone and sometimes celebrate violence and abuse in various forms."

Watson also said that while he believes the shooter needs to held accountable for what he did, he also challenges Americans to look at themselves to see what causes this kind of violence. He asks people to examine culture to it breeds hate and violence.

“When you take faith out of the public arena, when you take God out of there, people suffer,” he said. “Whether you are Christian or not, those principles really carry us through.”

He continued, “For me, I look at this young man and know there are a lot of people like him suffering. How can I reach out to him and share the love? How can I listen to him? Because of the culture we are in, we are not paying attention to who is around us. I am willing to communicate with others so they feel like they are isolated,” Watson concluded.

Do you agree with Watson's view on things? Let us know in the comments. Also, please continue to pray for everyone in Parkland, Florida, and all those rocked by this tragedy.

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