After Facebook Killer Blames Gruesome Shooting On Ex, She Makes A SHOCKING Statement

April 18, 2017Apr 18, 2017

Things definitely are not adding up here. Moments before Steve Stephens shot an elderly man in Cleveland (which he filmed and then posted to Facebook), he blamed his ex-girlfriend, Joy Lane.


“She’s the reason why all this about to happen to you," Stephens said to Robert Godwin Sr., 74. From that statement, you would think they had a very bad relationship or breakup. But Lane had a totally description of her relationship with Stephens. 

Lane said in a statement that Stephens is "a nice guy ... he is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children. This is a very difficult time for me and my family.”


One reason for the discrepancy is Stephen's mental health. ABC News reports he was part of an assertive community treatment team at Beech Brook, a mental health organization in northeast Ohio.

There is now a national manhunt out for Stephens, who claims he has murdered many more people. An award of $50,000 is being offered for Stephens. 

Goodwin's family is obviously in a lot of turmoil, as they deal with the gruesome murder of Robert Goodwin. Will you keep them in your prayers? Thank you so much!