After Equifax, 3 Billion People Now Affected in a Separate Provider’s Data Breach

October 03, 2017Oct 03, 2017

In 2013, Yahoo was the subject of a major hacking caused by an unnamed third party, which was believed to have affected a portion of their consumers’ accounts. Names, telephone numbers, and passwords were potentially obtained from the hacker as a result of the breach.

According to CNBC, Yahoo announced on Tuesday, October 3rd, that “every single Yahoo account” was affected by the 2013 data breach, which accumulates to a total of 3 billion users. Before this announcement, only 1 billion users were possibly affected by the hacking.

The discovery reportedly took place after an investigation was conducted, leading to this new information. Although this is a very concerning issue, Yahoo assures that stolen information does not include personally sensitive information such as payment card data or bank account information.

This news comes shortly after the massive data breach with Equifax, where 145.5 million users were potentially impacted. Even though this data breach affected fewer users, it, unfortunately, risked more sensitive information including social security numbers and driver’s license numbers.

Yahoo, which is now owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc., reminded the public that in the wake of the breach, they "took action to protect all accounts," reported CNBC. Immediately after this unsettling discovery, the company is sending out notifications to accounts that have not yet been notified.

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