After Eating Popular Candy at School, 2 Kids Tested Positive for Cocaine

November 01, 2017Nov 01, 2017

Late last week, reports emerged of two students at Indiana College Preparatory School who tested positive for cocaine after eating some candy at school. The two ate what appeared to be pop rocks candy, but the candy was reportedly contaminated with cocaine. 

After eating the substance offered by a classmate, the two boys claimed that they were feeling weak and numb. After class on Friday, they ended up in the emergency room. 

Yolada Washington, the mother of one of the 7th graders, said, "My son was like unresponsive to me, weak in the legs, he couldn’t walk. His legs were hurting. He told me he couldn’t breathe. I freaked out. I immediately told the school to call the ambulance.”

Cathy Glass, the mother of the other boy, said that her son's mouth was numb for a full 30 minutes. She also said that he became dizzy. 

While at the hospital, both of the students tested positive for cocaine. Now, the mothers are attempting to find answers about the "candy" that their kids ate. 

Washington said, "It was the pop rocks. It was candy but it had cocaine inside of the candy." Glass added, "Some drugs you might encounter with your teenagers as they get older but this is not one of them."

Washington also said that she believes someone needs to be held responsible, whether that is the child who handed out the candy or the parent of that child. 

The school confirmed the incident and said that the students did, in fact, ingest something other than plain candy. They released a statement about the incident. 

They said, "Going forward, the administrative team will be working with local agencies to provide training to teachers, families, and students on the prevention of drug use."

The two mothers are now attempting to warn other parents about the dangerous "candy." 

Washington said, "Parents need to be aware. They need to let their kids know this is being passed out. Don’t accept nothing from anybody that is not sealed. No open candy whatsoever.”

Parents, watch out for this candy! Share to spread awareness to other parents. In breaking news, a famous fast food chain franchise filed for bankruptcy and is closing several locations. 

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