After Disturbing Revelations About the Turpins, Another Family Makes Headlines

February 01, 2018Feb 01, 2018

Throughout the month, disturbing revelations emerged about the Turpin family. Slowly, information was revealed by children, authorities, relatives, neighbors, and people who knew them which revealed a heartbreaking story of parents who brutally tortured their children.

The 13 kids, teens, and young adults living with David and Louise Turpin in Perris California lived in utter isolation, and according to some reports, in what might be called a torture chamber. In their home, all 13 children were subjected to horrific living conditions that included only one shower a year and meals only once a day. 

Now, a similar situation was discovered in a Maryland home  — a situation that reportedly occurred for months. Three children, according to CNN, were beaten, forced to eat dog feces, and locked in the closets of a Maryland home for months. 

The children were ages 8, 9, and 10. All of them were assaulted with an electronic control device and beaten by two women using belts, extension cords, and perhaps even other devices. 

The couple was two women, Amanda R. Wright and Besline Joseph, both in their twenties. They were arrested on Wednesday in their home and are being charged with several counts of child abuse.

According to CNN, both of the women kept the children in small closets or in the basement of their home. They also would threaten to kill the children if they informed any outsiders about the abuse. As a result, it wasn't the kids who informed authorities of the abuse. It was somebody else  — at the time they are still unidentified — who spoke out in order to help these children. 

When officers discovered them, the children had bloody noses, bruises, and cuts. They were eating a diet of bread, oatmeal, and water. They had been suffering under these intolerable conditions for almost half a year.

USA Today reports that the children were also living in filth. All throughout the house was dirty diapers, lice, and insects. As a result, the children were burdened by lice and bites. 

When approached by social workers, the children didn't quite know what to do. They began to hiss, making animal sounds as if they were inside of a cage and the social workers were trying to force them out. 

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