After Debates, Experts Reveal Which Foods are Dangerous for Dogs

July 20, 2018Jul 20, 2018

Some of the best friends we ever have in our lives are our pets. Dogs bring us joy and comfort no matter what kind of day we're experiencing.

However, a lot of people don't realize that there are certain foods you simply can not give your dog. There has been a lot of online controversy and debates regarding appropriate foods to feed your best friend but now, experts are finally weighing in.

"TODAY spoke with Dr. Jennifer B. Berg, owner of Tribeca Veterinary Wellness clinic, and Dr. Debra Zoran, Ph.D. in canine nutrition and a veterinary professor at Texas A&M University, to find out how natural ingredients should factor into a healthy and balanced diet for our pets," according to Today.

They believe that some foods to avoid include bitter almonds, foods that are high in sugar, and seeds of fruits.

"Apple seeds have compounds that can produce small amounts of cyanide," said Zoran. " A very large consumption of seeds is required to reach a toxic level, but to be on the safe side I generally just recommend that the seeds and core be removed."

They recommend only feeding you dog avacoda on occasion, and only small pieces of bananas. When it comes to carrots, they can be a healthy snack!

"According to Zoran, it is unsafe for dogs to consume grapes or raisins in any quantity because the fruit has been associated with acute kidney failure in animals," reported Today.

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