After Death of Charlie Gard, Another U.K. Parent Fights to Keep His Baby Alive

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017

Charlie Gard, the 11-month-old baby who captured the world’s attention, tragically passed away on July 28th in hospice. The young child suffered from a rare genetic condition and brain damage.

Charlie Gard’s case became a controversial situation worldwide as U.K. doctors continued to pursue shutting off the baby’s life support. Parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard fought endlessly for their baby by encouraging American treatment or at least bringing him home for his final days, but they ultimately lost the long, drawn out battle.

A similar case to Charlie Gard has been reported by U.K. news sources. According to the Mirror, the parent of 14-month-old Alfie Evans is currently facing the same situation of the hospital requesting to shut of his child’s life support. 

Little Alfie suffers from an unknown condition, which hospital staff is struggling to diagnose. He has been in a coma since December of 2016 and is dealing with regular seizures.

20-year-old father Tom Evans was extremely devastated after learning about Charlie’s death. The Mirror reports “he held his own son tight and bust into tears after he heard the sad news.” Like Charlie Gard’s parents, Tom is reportedly seeking American treatment and has heard back from a hospital in Miami. 

If Tom and the doctors caring for baby Alfie cannot come to a consensus, this tragic situation may potentially erupt to the intense level of Charlie Gard’s case. Tom Evans has already received a great amount of support from other members of the public. He has built a social media following of hundreds of followers on Twitter and Facebook.

When Charlie Gard’s death was revealed to the public, the details were absolutely heartbreaking. We pray this is not the same case for baby Alfie Evans. Please join us in prayer for both Charlie Gard’s family and Alfie Evan’s family during this difficult time. Thank you!