After Crushing Defeat, Spieth Reveals The INSPIRING Reason He Can Handle It With So Much Maturity

April 11, 2016Apr 11, 2016

Just as the 2015 Masters champion had a repeat victory in sight on Sunday, Jordan Spieth's game fell apart in the last 30 minutes. After blowing a five-shot lead, Spieth had to hand his green jacket over to the new champion Danny Willett.


According to Fox News, Spieth's meltdown in performance was ridiculed across social media. During an NBC interview afterwards, Spieth readily admitted he was very disappointed but blamed no one but himself and expressed gratitude to his fans and team for supporting him.

How did this 22-year-old learn how to handle defeat with such maturity and class?

According to the Augusta Chronicle, Spieth credits his developmentally challenged 15-year-old sister for helping make him the person he is today.

He said that Ellie is "the best thing that ever happened to our family."

Growing up with her meant having the family's attention focused on her, but Spieth said playing a role in raising her changed him for the better.

Spieth explained that “With Ellie and how we grew up with her and her struggles and her triumphs, I think it just put life a little more in perspective than maybe it would have had we not experienced it. My parents are such great parents I don’t think it would have changed much, but we were able to see first hand what someone who struggles like that is like and it certainly took over our family. So maybe that's what helps keep me [grounded]."