After Criticism, Mike Pence Defends President Trump in Jerusalem Interview

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

Last week was difficult for President Trump. After reportedly calling some countries "s***holes," both Democrats and Republicans alike spent the week criticizing him.

Trump faced serious backlash from the media and a number of top-level politicians last Thursday evening when he reportedly claimed that certain countries are "s---holes." The comment was made in private, during a bipartisan meeting about DACA, but sources claim that he made the remark.

Trump, of course, had denied the allegations to the media. And several lawmakers have come forward to claim that Trump never actually made the remarks.

According to The Hill, Vice President Mike Pence is now defending Trump following a difficult week. According to Pence, he "knows the president's heart" and that trump doesn't consider a person's "race or creed" when promoting immigration policies. The defense came in Jerusalem as part of a four-day tour in the Middle East. 

"I know the president's heart and I know that what President Trump wants to do is reform immigration to make our system one that puts the interests of America first," Pence said. He added that immigrants should be considered on their merits, "regardless of what country they come from or what their race and creed is."

According to ABC News, Pence did not answer a question about whether Trump's language was appropriate, although it is assumed that Pence, a reserved and generally polite person, finds Trump's language inappropriate. Nevertheless, Pence did defend Trump's intention to move the country to a merit-based system. 

Other defenders of President Trump claimed that he was crudely making the point that high-skilled workers should receive priority over low-skilled workers. In this regard, they say, Trump believes that the United States should not systematically and purposefully import large numbers of low-skilled workers that will not significantly contribute to the American economy. 

Many have worried that Trump also believes that high-skilled workers should receive priority over immigrants who are seeking asylum from dysfunctional governments and dehumanizing poverty.

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