After Bomb Threat, Elementary School Secretary Arrested

November 09, 2017Nov 09, 2017

Kansas police claim that an elementary school secretary was arrested on Wednesday. The arrest came after it was discovered that she had a connection with an emailed bomb threat which forced the school district to cancel classes and after-school activities. 

Secretary Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo, 32, is being held at the Pratt County jail on felony charges. She is being charged with aggravated criminal threat and unlawful use of a computer. 

According to Fox News, police said that members at Pratt High School received the threat from a fake email account on Monday. In response to the email threat, Unified School District 382 canceled classes all day on Tuesday as law enforcement searched all of the schools. Since the threat wasn't real and was sent through a fake email, it turned out that no device was found. The students were safe. 

It is unclear exactly how she was involved, but it was clear that police thought it best to arrest her. On top of that, the school district actually removed her image from their website following the arrest. 

A local news station reported that the secretary indirectly caused a terror evacuation and disruption with a computer. According to local news stations, police are expected to release more details regarding the arrest on Thursday evening.

On November 8, the school district posted onto their website that "The Pratt Police Department informed us this morning that late-night developments led to an arrest in the case of the November 6th threat. At this time, we have no other information to share. This is an active investigation, and we are not at liberty to answer any questions."

It continues, "I know your children will have questions and concerns. Please assure them that they are safe and secure. School employees are always vigilant in protecting them. In addition, let them know we trust our public officers to protect them and act in their best interests."

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