After Being Suspended from ESPN, Judge Comes to Jemele’s Defense

October 10, 2017Oct 10, 2017

ESPN sports anchor Jemele Hill was suspended for at least two weeks by the top sports network on Monday, October 9th. Hill’s suspension came after she violated ESPN’s social media guidelines for the second time in recent weeks.

In September, Hill was under fire for posting controversial comments about President Donald Trump, calling him a “white supremacist.” ESPN did not take action against Hill, but did assure viewers that her views do not align with those of the entire organization.

After the NFL Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently stated that any one of his players who protest during the national anthem will not be allowed to play, Hill encouraged her followers to boycott his sponsors. Her comments are what provoked the 2-week suspension.

Since then, the nation has been divided. Conservatives agree that her suspension is more than acceptable and many believe she should have been fired from the network altogether.

On the other hand, liberals have called to boycott ESPN for suspending Hill, and think her first amendment rights have been violated. Among these people is the well-known Judge Greg Mathis.

Mathis, famous for his reality television show "Judge Mathis" taking place in the courtroom, weighed in on the controversial situation with Hill to TMZ. In an interview, Mathis came to Hill’s defense, noting that the suspension is “unfair” and she may even have a solid case against ESPN if she chose to take legal action.

He said, "I support her 100% in everything she has done to express her 1st amendment rights and if it violates policy of ESPN then perhaps ESPN has a policy that's unconstitutional.”

When asked about legal matters, Mathis also gave his opinion, “Certainly she would be able to defend herself and I think she’d win. The question is whether she wants to go through the process, hurt her image, hurt her employment ability.”

Watch the video below for more information regarding Jemele Hill’s suspension.

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