After Being Married For 7 Decades, WWII Veteran Couple Dies on Same Day

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017 writes that they were a couple who loved each other very much, staying together for 7 decades. And last month, they passed away within hours of each other, after sharing one last nap together just days before. 

They met each other on a blind date in Philidelphia before they both signed up to help the Allies in the war effort. Isabell helped as a nurse in the Navy stationed in Maryland and Preble helped as a Marine, earning a Bronze Star for his tenure. After the war was over, the two reunited and married in February of 1946. 

The couple had five children together, and their children remember them as great people and wonderful parents. 

“They were great people. Mom really taught me that you can’t change another person but you can change your attitude towards them. Dad was a bit of a prickly pear!” Laurie Staver Clinton, 62, said according to 

The two raised their five children and often moved from city to city. They needed to move in order to accommodate Preble's work as a lobbyist and banker. Various moves made things difficult, but they endured as a family. Isabell and Preble remained strong as a couple, despite the hardship. 

According to the Huffington Post, the most tragic event in their family history came when the couple's son, Peter, died while playing a football game during his senior year of high school. 

After decades of marriage, Isabell began to show signs of dementia. As a result, the family made the collective decision to move the couple into a long-term care facility in 2013. Eventually, as a result of her disease, the two needed to be placed in different rooms. But despite being moved apart, this didn't mean that they had lost feelings for each other.

Rather, according to NPR, Preble would still make effort to see his wife, even after he was no longer able to walk and was wheelchair bound. In fact, he would wheel himself down to the Memory Care Unit and go visit his wife. They would hold each other's hands and talk, and according to their daughter, they would often "tell each other they loved each other." 

Although Isabell's dementia was debilitating, she never did forget how much her husband meant to her. And when her 96th birthday came along, she and her husband decided that they would like to have one last nap together. During their nap, not a single word was spoken. But they laid beside each other for almost three hours — something they had longed to do, but were unable to accomplish, after being put into separate rooms at their facility. 

Preble and Isabell were both born 14 days apart in 1921, and they died 14 hours apart on October 25. 

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