After Being Fired For Evangelizing, Former Indiana State Trooper Is BOLDLY Doing THIS

April 12, 2016Apr 12, 2016

After being fired for evangelizing during a traffic stop for a second time last week, former Indiana State Trooper Brian Hamilton has taken his mission to spread the Gospel to the streets. Quite literally.


According to NBC affiliate WRTV, Hamilton has been preaching on the street corners to anyone who will listen.

He explains his actions, saying, "They came out for the Lord Jesus Christ, they didn't come out for me. They came out to exalt the name of Jesus and they know what the truth is. And they know that the only way anybody can be changed is to the name of Jesus. And they know that they need to be obedient to Christ when Christ tells them to do something, as a soldier for Jesus, they're going to stand up."

Hamilton was fired last week after he asked a motorist during a traffic stop if she was saved and went to church before inviting her to his own church.

Hamilton added that after being saved in the midst of his 14-year-career, "God has used that job in the last three years what it was supposed to be meant for, and that was to spread the word to tell people when they're hurting, the truth."

The former trooper feels he's done nothing wrong in God's sight, saying, "I'd rather follow Jesus. I'm gonna follow what God has for me to do, so. It's his plan, he's already ordered all my steps and I just gotta be obedient."

Do you agree with him?