After Backlash, Minister Backtracks on Wishing That 4-Year-Old Prince George is Gay

December 04, 2017Dec 04, 2017

The Very Reverend Kelvin Holdsworth created quite a firestorm recently when he reposted a blog where he publicly wished for 4-year-old Prince George, the son of the British Prince William and Duchess Catherine, to be gay in order to push the homosexual agenda in the Church of England. Now he’s trying to backtrack.

Holdsworth is the provost of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland. The church is part of the Scottish Episcopal Church, which only partially recognizes the authority of the Church of England. The Scottish Episcopal Church recently voted to give their blessing to same-sex marriages, and Holdsworth — a vocal LGBT advocate — has been pushing for the Church of England to follow suit.

In his reposted blog, Holdsworth said, “If people don’t want to engage in campaigning in this way [for same-sex marriage in the Church of England], they do in England have another unique option, which is to pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman.”

He added, “A royal wedding might sort things out remarkably easily, though we might have to wait 25 years for that to happen. Who knows whether that might be sooner than things might work out by other means?”

Numerous religious leaders in Great Britain denounced Holdsworth’s words, and what he said was not popular among religious conservatives in America either. In fact, the Scottish Episcopal Church says they’re looking into the matter and made it clear that Holdsworth’s views were his personal views, not the opinion of the church.

Now Holdsworth is backtracking in a new blog post, acknowledging that his statement was “hurtful to the members of the Royal Family.” He did not, however, dismiss much of his piece.

“I’m sorry that something that I wrote has been interpreted in the way that it has,” he wrote on Friday. “It was not my intention to cause hurt and I regret that this has led to the current focus on Prince George.”

“I could stoutly defend what I wrote and stubbornly insist for days that it was right. But arguing the rights and wrongs will still end up causing harm and not love and love matters more than political point scoring,” he continued, adding that he’s turned down numerous requests from the media to talk to him about what he wrote.

He said he regrets that what he wrote took the attention away from what he deems to be really important: getting gay marriage to be accepted by Christians far and wide.

Not surprisingly, Holdsworth has made headlines before. The Daily Caller dug up a story from the UK’s The Guardian about how Holdsworth allowed the reading of the Koran as part of a service at his church a year ago.

Which passage of the Koran was read? The Muslim story of Jesus’ birth, which presents him as a prophet and not the Son of God. That got Holdsworth’s church a big backlash as well.

When asked about it, Holdsworth said that the reading of the Koran had “happened a number of times in the past in this and in other churches, and have led to deepening friendships locally, to greater awareness of the things we hold in common and to dialogue about the ways in which we differ.”

But it caused quite a controversy in the Scottish Episcopal Church, with former Anglican bishop and ex-Muslim Michael Nazir-Ali saying, “Christians should know what their fellow citizens believe and this can include reading the Qur’an for themselves, whether in the original or in translation. This is not, however, the same thing as having it read in church in the context of public worship. The authorities of the Scottish Episcopal Church should immediately repudiate this ill-advised invitation and exercise appropriate discipline for those involved.”

What do you think about all of this? In other news, a former U.S. presidential candidate has died in Washington, D.C.

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