After 21 Years, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Share the Secret to Their Strong Marriage

July 23, 2018Jul 23, 2018

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are arguably the most well-known of celebrity marriages. After marrying in 1996, they’ve remained true to each other, committed to their family. But it hasn’t always been easy.

Perhaps the reason they’ve clicked stems from their troubled childhoods. As Christian Headlines points out, both Faith and Tim didn’t have the easiest upbringings, which maybe what formed their bond.

Tim’s biological father, Tug McGraw, a famous baseball player, denied that he was the father of Tim after a fling with his mom. Tim’s mom married an abusive drunkard.

Faith was adopted. She grew up in what she calls a “salt-of-the-earth, hardworking” family, but she never felt like she fit in. She was left wondering about her biological family who abandoned her.

“I knew I had that instability and dysfunction in me, from the way I grew up,” said Tim. “And when I met Faith, I knew I needed her in my life – to keep me stable, solid and on track.”

After they met in 1994, sparks flew – although they kept it professional. But finally Tim dropped to a knee and proposed to her in a trailer at one of their concerts.

“We’re at a country music festival in a trailer house, and you’re asking me to marry you?” She thought it was a joke.

After they married, Faith chose to put her career on hold to raise their children, while Tim took to the road. He made the effort to come home as often as he could, but he admitted that stardom and tour life was getting the best of him, through drugs and alcohol.

Faith gave him a simple choice: “Partying or having a family. Pick one, buddy.”

Tim made the right choice, opting for family. They make effort to spend time together, to go on dates and cultivate their love for each other. When they’re performing, they make sure to consult the God who brought them together.

“Tim and I share a quick quiet moment together before hitting the stage,” Faith said. “Always praying.”

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