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Why Advertise with Us?

Put simply, our reach fits your demand. We serve the New American Heartland, representing a potential reach of over 80 million of the best consumer purchasers in the USA.

Our stories are either explicitly positive and lighthearted or seek to re-interpret seemingly negative stories in a positive light, prompting our readers to feel positive and empowered. This type of attitude creates a momentum toward sharing this positive outlook on social media with like-minded friends.

The power of positive stories generates momentum toward sharing with like-minded individuals.

We create and publish stories that people really, really care about. When content makes people feel positive and empowered, they are likely to share it on social media.

+300% growth over past year.

Rapid Growth

Over the past year, Faith Family America has skyrocketed over 300% in growth.

Our current pageviews average between 15 and 17 million a month, a huge upswing from one year ago. This surge in viewership generates 130 million monthly ad impressions.

+300% growth over past year.

Engagement: the Metric for Success

Over the past several years, there's no question that the most powerful metric for success on Facebook is engagement. A highly engaged Facebook audience contains the power to greatly amplify the reach of your message.

Our Faith Family America community is comprised of over 6 million highly engaged fans. This highly engaged fan base equates to more than 60 million people seeing our messages in an average week, simply by the power of sharing on social media.

A highly engaged Facebook audience contains the power to greatly amplify the reach of your message.

Additionally, Faith Family America boasts a total of 5 million reactions each month, with just less than an accompanying 2 million shares. To top it off, our community maintains 100 million social media impressions per month.

Given these metrics on our engagement, it's little wonder advertisers are eager to add Faith Family America among their primary destinations for promoting their products and services.

Social engagement is crucial.
Each month, our 6M Facebook community reaches over 60M, with 5M reactions and about 2M shares.

Our Audience

Want to reach a wide cross-section of America? We have you covered.

Our community demographic leans heavily toward women as our principle gender; comprising 67% of our audience, with 33% men.

Of the people our posts reach, there is an extremely level breakdown of ages. 8% are under 24; 18% are 25 – 34; 19% are 35 – 44; 21% are 45 – 54; 18% are 55 – 64; and 15% are over 65.

Over 98% of our audience are based in the United States.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Please contact us if you would like information on how we can create custom sponsorship opportunities for you with Faith Family America which highlight your product or service to our audience in creative ways.

We can create custom video, graphic, or print campaigns designed to reach our widespread audience of millions of people across the US with your message.

We will happily create custom articles that execute original and powerful storytelling to align your brand with an emotion, showcase your brand's personality and effectively extend the reach of your marketing efforts.

We offer custom display ads to display your brand's product.

To reach this rapidly growing community through advertising, please contact us at