Adorable Bear Cub Burned in California Wildfire, Gets Special Treatment for Wounds

August 10, 2018Aug 10, 2018

As Northern California continues to blaze from wildfires that have consumed innumerable acres, hundreds of structures, and lives, people came to the rescue of a bear cub suffering burns.

According to Fox News, a bear cub is recovering after receiving fish skin bandages on its paws after it was found by a contractor lying in ash and unable to walk.

The yearling female was taken to the California Fish and Wildlife’s lab in Rancho Cordova, where his paws were treated with sterilized tilapia skins.

The bear also received antibiotics, laser treatments and acupuncture to manage the pain.

This bear isn’t the first in California to receive a similar kind of treatment on its paws. In 2017, two bears were treated with the fish-skin therapy.

Those bears were treated and released into the wild. According to officials, it is likely this bear will recover as well.

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