Adele Draws Critics for Morbid Theme of Her 30th Birthday Party

May 07, 2018May 07, 2018

One of the biggest names in music has just caused a bit of an online controversy for the theme she picked for her 30th birthday bash. Adele, the hit singer, recently chose to have a Titanic-themed party.

She shared photos from the festivities. The night was complete with outfits that made Adele closely resemble Kate Winslet! Some shots even showed the "Hello" singer dancing with other partygoers while wearing a life jacket.

However, not everyone thought the photos looked great. Many people seemed to think the theme made light of the fact that thousands of people perished on the Titanic. Some even called the party morbid.

"I know I'm "easily offended" // harshly critical but is anyone else disturbed that #Adele had a #Titanic themed bday party where they wore life jackets on the dance floor? Like maybe partying whilst mimicking the absolute horror of a ship sinking in the Atlantic isn't cool?" wrote one Twitter user.

Some users disagreed and called critics hypocrites for going after Adele.

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