Adele breaks down in tears after surprise reunion with former teacher who inspired her

We never forget teachers who had an impact on us. As it turns out Adele could also say the same.

The “Easy on Me” singer filmed a concert special in the UK called “An Audience With Adele,” which aired on November 21, 2021.

During the show held at the London Palladium, actress Emma Thompson asked the 33-year-old performer if she had any particular person who inspired her or protected her “from all the trials and tribulations of life” when she was younger.


Adele had a quick answer: “Yeah, I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove who taught me English. That was Miss McDonald.”

Thompson asked if they ever kept in touch, and Adele said she hadn’t seen the teacher since she was 12.

“She was so bloody cool. So engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us,” the singer praised her.

Adele and Miss McDonald hugging onstage

“Yeah, cause it’s odd, actually, funny enough…” Thompson said, trailing off before revealing that McDonald was actually watching with them that night.

Adele finally caught on and looked to the audience, “Is she here? Is Miss McDonald here?”

McDonald’s emerged from the crowd and the room erupted in cheers and applause. Adele’s former teacher went up the stage as the singer broke down in tears and said, “Hi! You look amazing, darling!”

The pair hugged, and McDonald responded, “Oh my God, I’m so proud of you.”

Adele said she didn’t know her former teacher was coming, and McDonald assured her that was okay because “it was supposed to be a surprise” as the star laughed.

McDonald told Adele that she no longer teaches and is just “looking after my family,” pointing out her two children in the crowd.

Adele and Miss McDonald talking onstage

“Thank you for remembering me,” she told her former pupil.

“No, you really did change my life,” Adele said. Then, she turned toward the crowd looking for her mother, “Mum, can you believe it?”

Adele asked McDonalds if she could get her number before she sat down. Then, she proudly told her, “I’ve still got my books you know! I’ve got all my books from when you were my teacher.”

Adele briefly left stage to fix her makeup after she had cried so much. A number of A-listers, including Emma Watson, IdrisElba, and Dua lipa were visible in the audience shots.

After the special aired the performer took to Twitter to share her thoughts and give thanks for the mentor’s influence.

Adele and Miss McDonald talking onstage

” Home Sweet Home. I’ve always dreamt of doing An Audience With… There was so much love in the room for each other, it felt like such a gig! Everyone was loud and ready for it! And my teacher Ms McDonald was there, it was just heaven.”

This heartwarming interaction followed after Adele created another touching moment on CBS’s “Adele: One Night Only,” where she helped a fan propose to his girlfriend of seven years.

Adele asked the audience not to speak as Quentin Brunson led Ashleigh, his girlfriend, to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles for him to propose.

After Ashleigh said yes and Quentin put the ring on her finger, Adele joked, “Thank God she said yes because I didn’t know who I was going to sing this song to next, you or him!”

She then serenaded the newly-engaged couple with her cover of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” Indeed, it was a proposal that’s hard to top! You can read more about the night’s events here.

The fact that Adele remembered a teacher she hadn’t seen in two decades just pulled at everyone’s heartstrings. The video below shows their touching reunion.

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