Adam Scott Makes Rare Comments About ‘Lucky’ Marriage to Naomi Scott

Adam and Naomi Scott.
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Lucky in love! As he reflects on his long-lasting marriage. Adam ScottHe boasted how far he’s come in his love life with him Naomi Scott.

“I just love [Naomi]. I think she’s the coolest, the smartest, the funniest and the most beautiful. It’s pretty simple,” the actor, 49, exclusively told Us Weekly at the Webby Awards on Monday, May 16. “So, I just hope that she still likes me most of the time. It’s worked out and I’m really, really lucky, but I just can’t imagine anything else. I’m just lucky.”

In 2005, the Parks and Recreation alum wed the screenwriter. The low-key couple have a son, Graham, 15 and a daughter Frankie 12, respectively. Adam previously praised Naomi for her positive influence on their family via social media.

“Tough to put into words how lucky I am to have a partner as brilliant, hilarious & beautiful as @nfscott,” he wrote in May 2021. “I marvel at what an incredible mother she is—and the kind, smart, caring people our kids are as a result. She’s been holding down the fort for months as I attempt to parent by zoom—and deserves a year of Mother’s Days. So granted. Wait, can I do that?”

During the interview with Use, GhostedActor noted that their children are now interested in his projects.

“They’re teenagers now so actually SeveranceIt has really connected with them. They love it. It’s the first time they’ve ever been interested at all in something I’ve done, at least that they’ve admitted to me,” he shared with Use. “I can’t imagine that they’re keeping a secret that they’re secretly fascinated by my work and not telling me about it. They absolutely love it. I think they just never wanna watch anything I’m in because they get enough of me at home.”

California native, the California native, revealed that their children were not under any pressure to follow their lead. “They’re 13 and 15 and I think the last thing they wanna do is something [like] that,” he told Us. “But I do know that they’re both really, really incredibly smart, hilarious, caring people and that’s all that I care about.”

Adam shared his story about how he found his way while filming the breakout series, despite his children choosing a different career path. Severance. “I had to put everything I know into it. It’s 20 some odd years of work that’s kind of earned me the role. That’s how I felt about it. Because I wouldn’t have been ready for that role one year or two years prior because I hadn’t had those mistakes behind me,” he admitted to Us. “I think that people remember the [projects] that worked anyway.”

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