Actresses Release Touching Video for Women Who Have Experienced Miscarriage

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017

Melissa Rauch, best known for her role on CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” discussed a decidedly serious topic in Glamour’s latest video. The actress courageously opened up about her miscarriage to remind women that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

Rauch was joined in the video by fellow celebrities like former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, actress June Diane Raphael, and comedian Loni Love. She starts the video by bringing up the difficult topic.

“We don’t talk about prenatal loss nearly as much as we should.”

In an accompanying essay, Rauch explained why she felt compelled to make the video. In July, Rauch wrote an essay on miscarriage to reveal her secret pain and announce her current pregnancy. She admitted that she was nervous and hesitant to share such a deep part of herself with the public, but she felt compelled to do it.

“[T]here would have been zero hesitation at all had I known the magnitude and depth of the wonderful community, one I never knew existed, that was about to emerge,” wrote Rauch.

What Rauch experienced after she revealed her miscarriage made her want to help other women experience that support and openness. She healed in the midst of a community that shared her pain and met her where she was.

“I was so moved by how many people reached out to share stories of their loss and heartbreak. It was from this beautiful outpouring of openness, candor, and courage offered by all of these kindred spirits that I began to heal a part of me that I didn’t know was still in need of repair,” said Rauch.

The part of her that still blamed herself—that felt a secret shame for losing her child—healed. Once she shared her miscarriage, Rauch discovered that she wasn’t alone and that was powerful.

“All of these relics of despair began to diminish with each person who opened up about their feelings and accounts of their struggles,” she wrote.

So in honor of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, Rauch teamed up with her friends to share their miscarriages. Rauch explains that she saw that prenatal loss “is traditionally stranded in the shadows.” The video serves to clear away those shadows and train light on the loss.

It’s “intended to be a visual and verbal letter of comfort to those who have gone through a loss or are experiencing the pain of one currently, while also chipping away at the prevailing silence around the topic.”

Rauch concluded her article by sharing how proud she is of the women who joined her in the video. She says that they’ve revealed the possibilities if women just speak up and support each other.

“I am in tremendous awe of each of the women who joined me in making this video,” said Rauch. “They opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen if we lived in a world where this issue was spoken about more freely.”

She added, “Perhaps we wouldn’t be so hard on ourselves or feel so isolated while going through the agonizing grief and devastation that so many of us encounter on the road to motherhood. My heart is forever changed by the tonic of their voices.”

“We are not alone. Not for one second.”

Watch the full video on Glamour’s website. Please say a prayer for all women who have experienced miscarriage and the husbands who have experienced the pain and loss alongside them. 

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