Actress Receives Death Threats for Who She's Dating in Real Life

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

Vanessa Morgan is a young actress who recently landed an awesome gig for her career. According to reports, Morgan is going to be doing the cast of “Riverdale.”

The show is televised on the CW network. Morgan is going to be joining the show as a character named Toni Topaz. Topaz is rumored to come between the love connection of the main actor and actress in the show.

The main male role is played by an actor named Cole Sprouse. When news broke that Sprouse and Morgan were actually dating in real life, some fans went crazy.

“I’ve already had some death threats,” Morgan told Glamour. “But the thing is, it’s half death threats because they don’t want that [actually] happening, and there’s half that’s just all love.”

Morgan continued by trying to put the rumors to rest. She disclosed that even she doesn’t know what is going to happen on the show and wants fans to simply watch it unfold as well.

“Who knows if [my character coming between them] is even going to happen?” she asked. “People are just jumping to conclusions.”

She finished by saying she has nothing but the best wished for both of her new acting partners. She wishes them the best and hopes fans will have some patience.

“Lili and Cole are awesome, and they have been nothing but welcoming to me,” Morgan said. “It’s great doing scenes with them. I feel lucky that everyone has been so nice.”

What do you think about this? Would you ever be so invested in a show that you could see yourself making death threats to the actor in real life? Is that crazy or what!? Let us know your comments on our Facebook page! Also, be sure to read our other story about the reality tv star who was just found dead on the bathroom floor.

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