Actress Patricia Heaton's AMAZING RESPONSE To Her Pro-Life Critics

May 23, 2016May 23, 2016

You have to respect someone who takes an incredibly unpopular position in Hollywood--and does it so graciously. Patricia Heaton is well known for her role on "Everybody Loves Raymond." But, unfortunately, not everyone loves her stance on abortion.


Heaton, a public Christian and pro-lifer, recently spoke out in support of a pro-life group on Twitter. She was attacked by many of her followers. But instead of lashing out at them (or remaining silent to their critiques), Heaton graciously answered some of them. Here is a snapshot of her Twitter conversations, reported by The Blaze.

Here was Heaton's initial (very benign) tweet that sparked the controversy.


One of her followers criticized Heaton, asking how much she personally gave foster care providers. Heaton replied:


But then another critic still wanted more.


Heaton graciously directed Cummings to two groups that support women: “I think you might like #FeministsForNonViolentChoices @ffnvc and #FeministsForLife who support all this.” Cummings wasn't satisfied with this, still wanting abortion to be supported. Instead of criticizing her, Heaton graciously responded with a personal invitation to talk.



Wow! What a class act. Heaton says she is alone in Hollywood in her stance for the unborn. “In the Hollywood community, I’m the only one I know who says anything about it. I feel like I’m supposed to.” We are so glad she does! Do you agree?