Actress Formally Charged One Month After Heated Argument That Required Police Intervention

September 17, 2018Sep 17, 2018

Last month, the confusing news about a CW star's arrest broke. The situation surrounding Marie Avgeropoulos' arrest was convoluted at best, and now she's being charged with a felony.

TMZ broke that the 32-year-old, who is best-known for her starring role as Octavia Blake on the popular CW series “The 100," is being officially charged with "one count of misdemeanor corporal injury to a spouse."

The website got the information from the L.A. County District Attorney's Office. Avgeropoulos is set to be arraigned on Monday, September 17.

“The 100” actress was arrested in Los Angeles, California, back on August 5th, but news about her arrest was not released to the public until nearly 10 days later. Avgeropoulos was taken into custody for felony domestic violence.

According to TMZ, her boyfriend called the police claiming that she hit him during a verbal argument. The cops arrested her after they saw visible marks on his body.

A source close to the actress says that she wasn't herself when the incident happened. It appears that she was on a new medication. She mixed it with wine during dinner that evening, and she had a bad reaction to the combination.

The source added that the boyfriend did not want her to be taken away after they arrived. He begged them not to arrest her, and he said he didn't want to press charges.

Her longtime boyfriend phoned the cops believing authorities would “diffuse the situation” instead of taking her to jail.

The couple is from Canada and was allegedly unaware of the consequences Avgeropoulos would face for becoming violent. Following her arrest, the television star was bailed out by her boyfriend and she was released on a $50,000 bond. He will not press any charges, confirmed TMZ.

If convicted, she faces up to four years in prison.

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