Actress Announces Pregnancy with First Child

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

Julia Stiles, American actress, announced that her and her fiance, Preston J. Cook, are pregnant with their first child. The couple confirmed the news to People on Monday. Stiles has starred in multiple movies including ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Save the Last Dance’, and ‘The Prince & Me’. She also appears in ‘The Bourne’ series, which the newest film, ‘Jason Bourne’ came out in 2016.

The couple did not reveal the name or gender of the baby. They also did not mention exactly when Stiles is due, but did say the baby will be born later this year.

(Photo of Stiles with Nick Snaith, radio presenter, in London. Presented by People Magazine)

More about Julia Stiles:

Her acting roles have been few and far in between recently, but she just finished filming/promoting a new thriller series in the U.K., called ‘Riviera’.

Stiles has been very outspoken in politics lately, highlighting her dislike towards President Trump and the changes taking place since Trump being in office. She shares ‘Anti-Trump’ posts every so often via Twitter, which of course, has divided her fan base just as it has for many other celebrities becoming more outspoken in politics.

Are you happy to see Julia Stiles expecting?