Actress Announces Engagement to Boyfriend She Met on Tinder

September 05, 2018Sep 05, 2018

Congratulations are in order for actress Carly Craig, who also happens to be "This is Us" actress Mandy Moore's stepsister. The actress, who created the show Sideswiped about a woman in her 30s using Tinder to find love, actually met her now-fiancé on Tinder.

“We went for a walk on the sand and he proposed as the sun set,” Craig, 38, told PEOPLE about how her boyfriend Zachary Reiter proposed to her. “Our waiter snuck a picture that we’ll treasure forever!”

After he proposed, Reiter had another surprise in store for her: “a private dinner on the beach in Hawaii.”

She added, “Then we ate dinner under the stars. It was amazing. Best weekend of my life.”

The actress also announced the engagement on Instagram with a set of heartwarming pictures. She also shared a sweet caption with the photos. 

"I feel very lucky to get to spend the rest of my life with this one. He’s the most thoughtful, kind, loyal, amazing human being on the whole planet. And he put so much thought into this weekend. Felt like a dream. Oh- and I got to hang out with my wild dolphin friends again! A very close second when it comes to awesome things that happened this weekend."

She added, "And thank you @tinder for the introduction!"

Craig met Reiter on Tinder while doing research for her show, which appears on Youtube.

“I was new to the online dating world, and it just fascinated me. So it was all kind of based on my real-life dating stories,” she shared. “I also wanted to write a female comedy that was very grounded.”

She shared more details about how they met: “I went out with friends one night, and we swiped right on, like, 1,000 guys on my Tinder. The next day I read [Zachary’s] message, and he was charming and real and funny.”

Craig also told PEOPLE that their relationship as the support of Mandy Moore, whose dad married Craig's mom.

“Mandy is awesome and so supportive and has become a great friend outside of being my stepsister,” said Craig.

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