Actor Spurns Hollywood To Fight Terrorists In The Middle East

July 13, 2015Jul 13, 2015

The terrorist group, ISIS, has been all over the news because of their brutal campaign to set up an Islamic State throughout the Middle East.  They have beheaded journalists, massacred Christians, and murdered anyone who is not a fundamentalist supporter of Islam.


In Hollywood, Michael Enright has made a successful career out of minor roles in film and television productions, including roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “CSI”, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”, and “Old Dogs”.


In 2014 that all changed.  Michael could no longer stand by and the daily bloodletting on the news.  He gave up his Hollywood lifestyle and acting career to fight the ISIS scourge that is plaguing the Middle East. 

“After I saw the cowardly way James Foley was killed, I knew I had to do something,” Michael said.  He recalled seeing that the journalist from America was beheaded by a man with an English accent, “it was done by an Englishman – which is the exact opposite to how I feel toward Americans. I have such a deep sense of gratitude to the United States.”

According to this fox news article, Michael traveled to Syria and spent a couple weeks training with the Kurdish YPG and other Anti-ISIS groups.  Now he fights ISIS head on in the streets, putting himself in the line of enemy fire to stand up to the terrorist group.


He is not doing it to make a name for himself or “to write a script about it” as some naysayers have claimed.  “I have no interest in turning my story into a movie”, Michael said, “I am not writing a script.  This is not about me.  The emphasis should be this evil scourge called ISIS.

Michael says that the only reason he is even talking to the media about his service is to draw attention to the situation in the Middle East and to get the western countries to get involved and supply air support.

America has recently increased its involvement against ISIS, providing critical airstrikes and air support for the Anti-ISIS forces.  But are we doing enough? 

What do you think of Michael’s actions?  We would love to hear your thoughts!