Actor Spotted Helping Victim of Mugging Incident in London

July 18, 2017Jul 18, 2017

A mugging incident occurred on the streets of London over the weekend, leaving one man injured. Reports say he was in his 50’s and suffered a cut to the face.

Thankfully, bystanders rushed to help the man and immediately called the police. One of the bystanders was actor Daniel Radcliffe, which was confirmed by one of his representatives.

Radcliffe is most well-known for his star role in the Harry Potter movies. He played in eight films, holding the role for 10 years. He has also starred in other movies including ‘Now You See Me 2’, ‘Imperium’, and ‘Swiss Army Man’.

According to BBC News, Radcliffe was walking on the streets when he noticed the attacked man who had been mugged by two people. One local officer commented on the incident.

He stated, "The man was a tourist visiting England for a few days and he was very shaken. He had a facial wound which was bleeding; he said he'd been slashed with a knife."

One witness pointed out, "A lot of people - especially in his position - wouldn't have stepped in to help, so fair play to him."

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