Actor Robert De Niro Slams Trump During Visit to Middle East

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

Actor Robert De Niro recently criticized President Trump, taking aim at the Trump administration's stance on climate change. The actor implied that the Trump administration's stance on climate change represents a move "backward" for the country, which he says is suffering from "temporary insanity."

Fox News reports that De Niro was especially troubled by the fact that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency suggested last week that global warming may be a good thing for humanity.

“I am talking about my own country, the United States of America. We don’t like to say we are a ‘backward’ country so let’s just say we’re suffering from a case of temporary insanity,” he added.

Fox News writes that De Niro's remarks came during a Sunday World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, according to Fox, has claimed that carbon dioxide is not to blame for global warming. And then, last week, he also stated that global warming may not be that bad. 

“We know humans have most flourished during times of warming trends. There are assumptions made that because the climate is warming that necessarily is a bad thing,” Pruitt said, according to Fox News.

Despite Pruitt's comments, the EPA itself has stated unequivocally that the planet is indeed warming. It has also stated that this change will pose a danger to society and will likely lead to more fires, floods, and other natural disasters. Pruitt, however, still questions this conclusion.

“Do we know what the ideal surface temperature should be in the year 2100 or year 2018?” he once said on television according to Fox News. “It’s fairly arrogant for us to think we know exactly what it should be in 2100.”

The Independent points out that the Oscar-winning actor has previously criticized Trump, both before and after he became president. Most recently, De Niro slammed Trump at the National Board of Review Anual Awards Gala.

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