Actor Found Tortured, Stabbed To Death on City Street

July 05, 2017Jul 05, 2017

As tensions rise around the globe, shocking and disturbing news is still coming out of the Middle East. Recently, an actor and model was found stabbed to death in the streets of Baghdad.

Karar Nushi was an actor and model who was attending the Institute of Fine Arts. His body was just discovered and it appears he suffered a brutal end.

Kara was well known for his good looks and sense of style. He grew his hair out long, colored it blonde, and wore tight-fitting clothing.

His close friends are reporting that Kara had been receiving death threats for some time. Some feel it was because he was a Shia Muslim and had fraternized with female actors.

As of now, all leads are seeming to point to radical terrorism for his murder. His body reportedly showed awful signs of torture and was covered in stab wounds.

Kara was most recently said to be preparing for a beauty pageant. It is unknown if rumors of his differing sexuality contributed to his targeting and murder.

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Please join us in praying for a peaceful resolution in the Middle East. We pray for the family of Karar during this horrible time.