Actor Donal Logue Shares Good News Regarding His Missing Child

July 09, 2017Jul 09, 2017

Donal Logue, who stars on the tv show ‘Gotham’, recently released that his teenage daughter, Jade, had been missing for a week. She went to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, with a friend on June 26th, and never returned home. Since his child was missing, Logue posted various pleas for her to return home.

He even received the support from many other well-known names including actor Danny Trejo and the founder of Center for Missing and Exploited Children, John Walsh. Both took to Twitter to spread the word about finding Logue’s beloved child.

Thankfully, after more than a week of worrying and searching, Logue finally shared good news about his daughter via social media. She has safely returned home.

Fox News reports that Jade is currently in the process of transitioning to female. Therefore, she is on medication, but she was believed to be in good mental health.

Details regarding where Jade was and how she returned are currently unknown. Thank you for your prayers!