Hollywood Actor, Trump Ally Dies after Long Illness

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

A veteran actor who has appeared in dozens of productions, and served as Donald Trump’s publicist, has passed away. Larry Sherman has died after battling an illness recently.

Sherman was 94 at the time of his death. Although he is notably famous for his acting skills, Sherman also served as Donald Trump’s publicist during the 1980’s.

Sherman’s son recently commented on the relationship between his father and Donald Trump. He said his father was “a very liberal guy,” and admits he shares that political bent, but has nothing but kind words to say about his father’s former boss. “There is a part of Trump that is so caring, so compassionate and very loyal. I can honestly say we would have lost our house – everything – if it hadn’t been for him. Trump took a liking to my dad, who had no PR experience, and hired him on the spot. They were both hard workers, and got along really well.”


According to Variety, Sherman’s son said her remembers Trump saying his father is a “Great, great, guy! Love Larry. Best PR guy I ever had.” He also said his late father My dad got Trump his first ‘60 Minutes’ interview, his first Sports Illustrated cover, and a lot of other press.

Larry Sherman also had a very successful acting career. He was in “Manhattan,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “The Terminal,” “Catch Me If You Can,” “One Fine Day,” “Scenes From a Mall,” “Reversal of Fortune,” and had his final role in “The Comedian” in 2016.


Fans also remembered him as a judge on “Law and Order.” Sherman became a familiar face during a more than 20-year run as Judge Colin Fraser on the original “Law and Order,” according to Variety.

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