Actor Jay Ellis Tells Fans What It Would Take For Him To Hook Up With Insecure’s Male Stars

Jay Ellis Tells Fans What It Would Take For Him To Hook Up With Insecure’s Male Stars

InsecureActor Wendell Ramone “Jay” Ellis JrA 40-year-old man recently made a wild and unprovoked confession to the internet.

Recently, the actor posted a TikTok in which he explained how many shots it would take for him to hook up with the female version. Insecure. The video has been removed. EllisAppears to have used photo editing software to make his male co-stars female versions.

“Alright y’all, if I was single. This is how many shots it would take for me to hook up with my mensicure, insecure co-stars as women”

The video starts with him reviewing Kendrick SampsonNathan Campbell’s character on the show was played by a 33-year-old actor named. 

The actor spoke out. 

“D*mn Kendrick, you bad. zero shots. Just the eyes, just look at me one time, that’s it”

Second, the actor was reviewed Y’lan NoelDaniel King was played by a 33-year-old actor.

“Im [going to] need two shots for Y’lan. Yes, I mean, the lips have fullness. You cute, but two shots.”

Jay EllisThen we went to Sarunas J. Jackson, 31, who played Alejandro “Dro” Peña.

“Okay Sarunas, I see you with the wavy way. I’m [going to] go with one shot.”

The actor was then rated Jean ElieAhmal Dee was played by a 34-year-old actor.

“Jean could get it. Jean, I believe you only need one shot. I think so.”

Next, was Leonard Robinson, who was Taurean Jackson.

“A little square-jawed, but still cute though, so I’m [going to]Take only one shot. Maybe a shot in a half.” 

Lastly, EllisRated Alexander “Asian Bae” HodgeAndrew, also known as Andrew on the show

“I knew it, zero shots. He’s hot as a girl too.”

Mixed reviews were received for the video. Some fans pointed out the colorist implications of his ratings or simply questioned his sexuality in making such a video. Below are some reactions. 


Jay EllisThe company has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

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