Activists Set to Protest Catholic Meeting Because of ‘Hateful Message’

July 27, 2017Jul 27, 2017

A Catholic meeting slated for August 4-6 in Ferndale and Sterling Heights, Michigan is under harassment by a left-wing group who claims that it espouses racist ideology, just because its theme is about building male character, according to Fox News

Christine Niles, editor-in-chief of Church Militant, which has organized the Catholic event, has said that her preparation for it has been disrupted by groups passing by.

“Police have reached out to both sides and will have patrol cars observing,” she told Fox News. “But we don’t know who the activists are associated with and we don’t know what will happen.”

The meeting, which is held annually for Catholic men, is entitled “Strength and Honor,” and has been billed as “offering talks on the essential role of sacrificial masculinity of Catholic men to be good husbands and fathers” as well as to fortify attendees with resources to “gain the spiritual and mental tools to be strong leaders among the faithful.”

Left-wing activists have warped that message to imply that the meeting is only to espouse racists and anti-feminine ideals. The Michigan People’s Defense Network (MPDN) claims that this must be true, since the meeting is exclusive to men. Therefore, they believe it must be shut down.

“Many of the church’s points are lifted from or are identical to ‘men’s rights discourse, which focuses on reducing women’s agency and reproductive rights,” a Facebook post from the group recently said. “The community will picket and protest to shut down the hateful messages spread at this conference.”

MPDN claims that it is anti-racist and anti-fascist, as well as an organization that fights against all forms of oppression. The organization is expecting about 50-100 protesters to picket in front of the meeting.

“The real bone of contention that MPDN has with Church Militant is not the spurious claims and lies it’s telling, but the positions we take on morality and decency,” the Catholic group provided in a statement. “Church Militant is not a hate group; MPDN is the real hate group, trying to intimidate religious organizations into silence and shut down a conference meant to help men by fostering the virtues of humility, charity and sacrifice.”

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