Active Shooter Reported in Metropolitan Area High School

September 08, 2017Sep 08, 2017

Police have reported that a shooting suspect was arrested this morning in a Columbus, Ohio high school. Reports claim that the Ohio SWAT made the arrest quickly after the incident occurred, and luckily for everyone involved nobody was hurt.

Scioto High School, where the incident occurred, is being monitored by police, who have warned residents to stay away from the area until further notice. The notice also reached locals in the form of a tweet from the police, who wanted to make sure that local residents safely stayed away from the dangerous area while they handled the problem.

According to CNBC, School district spokesperson Scott Varner informed the news company that the school was placed on lockdown as local police responded to the threat. 

Students and staff are all safe, but parents are asked not to come pick up their kids from school. NBC reports that school officials are currently working on a safe, alternative location for parents to come pick up their children.

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