Shooter Down after Hitting Multiple People at U.S. Hospital

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017
Updated June 30 2017 6:44 pm ET

A shooter opened fire at a Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York just before 3 p.m. Eastern Friday afternoon.

The New York Times is reporting that three doctors were shot on the 16th and 17th floors of the hospital. Four other people were shot as well. The suspect reportedly used a doctor's lab coat to disguise himself and his weapon before opening fire.

The suspect was been identified as fired former family doctor Henry Bello, who was armed with a rifle. The 45-year-old is now dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Fox News claims he was armed with an M-16 rifle. One female victim has been confirmed dead, too. 

Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke to the press just after 5:30 p.m. Eastern.

“Thank God this was not an actor terrorism,” he began. “It is an isolated incident. Appears to be a workplace related matter. But that makes it no less tragic or no less horrible.”

“One doctor is dead, and there are several doctors who are fighting for their lives right now, amongst those who are wounded,” he continued.

He mentioned many acts heroism by hospital personnel to preserve people’s lives, as well as the quick actions of law enforcement officers and firefighters. 

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill also spoke to the press, saying the suspect tried to set himself on fire before shooting himself to death.

Since the press conference, the New York Post has uncovered disturbing details about Bello's past. He was arrested in 2004 for sexual abuse and again in 2009. That second case has been sealed. He's still listed on the hospital's website, but it doesn't appear that he has a valid medical license. 

The Associated Press reported on the nature of his firing:

The hospital describes itself as "the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health care system serving the South and Central Bronx." Their two facilities see 1.1 million visits annually. They claim to have one of the busiest emergency rooms in New York.

Please pray for the law enforcement officers and victims involved!