Active Shooter Reported At Major U.S. Site

June 27, 2017Jun 27, 2017
Updated June 27 2017 6:32pm ET

Early Tuesday, a report came in of a possible active shooter. The event took place at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

The Redstone Arsenal is a U.S. Army post. According to reports, those on the scene were told to “Run hide fight” via Twitter.

"Possible active shooter on the Arsenal. Installation is locked down. Run hide fight," Redstone Arsenal posted on its Twitter account.

The Representative for Alabama, Robert Aderholt, tweeted about the incident as well. He said he and his staff were monitoring the events closely.

"My staff and I are monitoring the situation at Redstone Arsenal. Please join me in praying for the safety of everyone on base," he said on his Twitter account.

According to the Washington Examiner, an active shooter drill was planned for Wednesday. Reports state this was not part of that drill.

People have been asked to avoid the area. At this time, the Marshal Space Flight Center sent out an alert about an “existing situation” on the property.

Redstone is a former manufacturing site for chemical weapons. It is currently a missile testing and development site.

At 5:52 pm ET, CNN reported that the lockdown had been lifted. 

Garrison Commander Col Thomas Holliday Jr. said in a news conference that the 911 calls that triggered the lockdown were "not credible information." 

Investigators are working to discover what caused the false alarm. However, Holliday says he isn't sorry that the base over reacted. "When it comes to the safety and security of our workforce, our system worked," he said. "I'd rather they overreact than underreact."

He also added that the base has called off the planned drill on how to respond to an active shooter because personnel learned "everything they need" on Tuesday. They certainly did! Praise God that it was a false alarm and no one was harmed.