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We're committed to delivering the very best of what's happening in the world right to your doorstep.

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Sick of bad news all the time? So are we! Faith Family America began as a real-time, social media community of Americans who are passionate about faith, family, and freedom.

Now 6 million strong, we love posting positive stories, the latest news and hearing how our fellow Americans feel.

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Everyday, we post tons of inspirational stories, current events, and need-to-know health and safety information. You'll find stories like the world's newest baby giraffe, the latest thing President Trump did, or the recent big brand chicken recall. If you haven't done so already, be sure to like our Facebook page to get all these types of great stories and much more sent directly to your Facebook feed.

Now 6 million strong, we love posting positive stories and the latest news and hearing how our fellow Americans feel.

We're always striving to improve our stories, seeking to deliver the very best of what's happening in our world right to your doorstep. If it's positive and informative we want you to know about it.

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Visit our Facebook community and let us know the kinds of stories YOU want to see more of. Because YOU are what makes our community great! And YOU have the power to influence others. If you see a post that makes you laugh, cry, or feel empowered, or you simply desire to inform others, don't hesitate to share it with your friends. They're eager to know what's on your mind and share in the moment you found compelling enough to interact with. What matters to you, matters to them.

With our Faith Family America Facebook feed, you get all the stories you like, right away. In addition, you can view how your fellow Americans feel about these pressing issues, as thousands post their reactions. Faith Family America is a living, breathing community, and we love that you are a part of it.

You are what makes our community great! You have power to influence others. What matters to you, matters to them.

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Our responsibility as a publication is to keep our readers informed so we maintain a high level of accuracy to make sure our readers are confident in our reporting. We also acknowledge that we will occasionally make errors. Anyone is welcome to report an error by sending an email to info@faithfamilyamerica.com. Please include a link to the article, the headline and the portion(s) of the article you feel is inaccurate. Our editorial staff will use reasonable efforts to promptly respond in correcting the error. We will add a correction notice to our content whenever a significant mistake is made that requires correcting an article, photo, headline, graphic, video or other material. As a matter of editorial policy, we do not grant take-down requests. Our editorial staff will take reasonable efforts to thoroughly investigate each claim of inaccuracy and, if deemed necessary, will publish a correction in accordance with this policy.

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Now that you know who we are and what we stand for, we wish you a wonderful rest of your day and hope you come back regularly for more exciting news, heartwarming stories, and informative updates.

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