Abortion Facility Gets Drastic Transformation to Support Life

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017

The Clarity Clinic was formed in 1993 to help women who experience unexpected or crisis pregnancies. Without the clinic, many of the women who received their support said that they would have gotten an abortion.

According to the spokesman for the Iowa clinic, Dennis Rima, the organization has been experiencing a drastic amount in growth in recent years. The clinic hosts several educational programs about sexual purity, parenting, and post-abortion healing. As those programs have increased in popularity, the need for a bigger space for the Clarity Clinic has increased as well.  

When their lease was about to expire, Rima found a building for sale that fit their space needs. The building was a Planned Parenthood facility in Dubuque, Iowa.

While the facility was for sale, representatives from Planned Parenthood had committed to continue offering services until their building was purchased. When Clarity Clinic realized that this purchase would result in the closure of an abortion facility, they couldn’t resist.

Rima admitted that buying the building “would be a big leap of faith financially.” Yet, closing the abortion facility and replacing it with a crisis pregnancy facility would mean giving unborn children the chance at life. 

After a time of prayer, the Clarity Clinic board members voted to move forward on the purchase. Not only will the building provide the space to grow supportive and educational programs, it will replace death with life.

Rima said, “The culture of death that was in this building has been replaced by the culture of life. It was a big stir in this community, and God was glorified and praised through us purchasing this building.” 

What do you think about this? Do you think that more abortion facilities should be replaced with supportive, crisis pregnancy facilities? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook. We have seen many Christians speak out about abortions recently. One of which was an NFL player who wrote a powerful message about abortions and the love of Jesus.

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