Abigail Heringer, Noah Erb Reflect on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Split

Finding their footing on the beach. Bachelor in ParadiseViewers viewed Abigail HeringerAnd Noah ErbSeason 7 is over, but the couple are still strong after rekindling their love post-Mexico.

“I think it made it more real. You step away — no cameras, no production, just you and somebody you like that were in a crazy experience in the real world,” Noah said on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “I think it’s good. It makes it more real. You get to say, ‘OK, where am I at in real life with my own thoughts and my own time?’ And all that.”

The nurse and Abigail, who were promoting their partnership with MasterChef and GrubHub, agreed that filming the reality show nearly one year ago feels “like a lifetime ago.”

“I can’t believe it’s only been a year,” the BachelorSeason 25 alumnus said.

Noah added, “It’s like a distant, fond memory. And now I’m like, ‘Where are we at now? What are we doing now?’ Our focus is on our relationship, you know, the date nights — we’re using MasterChef and GrubHub for meals to switch it up. We’re trying to go try new restaurants all the time. We travel a lot. It was a good experience, but now it’s [the] real world.”

Abigail Heringer & Noah Erb
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The couple are in touch with Bachelor Nation however. The BacheloretteSeason 16 alumnus told Us that he’s been in contact with potential BiP season 8 contestants.

“I’ve had convos with the next generation,” he joked to Us before giving advice about what he wished he would’ve known before filming the spinoff. “You got a lot of voices in your head, you got a lot of moving parts, you have people coming, people going. And if you think about it, you’re on a vacation where you’re making money, eating good food and you’re surrounded by friends and potential people to date. So if you think of it that way and you just do you — if you’re really into this girl, this guy, whatever, go for it. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s just an expedited real-life situation. So I feel like where people get messed up is they get so excited about the next person or, ‘Why aren’t I feeling this or should I be feeling this?’ And they don’t take a step back and be like, ‘This is not how I am.’”

Abigail noted that she would be telling the future. BiP stars to “just be open” and “receptive to the process.”

“I think that was kind of where I hit a lot of walls was either trying to control too much or being too resistant to certain things,” she explained. “And obviously that, like, didn’t work out for me. So I think just being as open, like, if you’re gonna take all the time and be vulnerable and be there you have to be open to it.”

After finding love on (and off) the beach, the twosome moved in together and are now making the most of at-home date nights with GrubHub’s MasterChef Table, a premium delivery-only restaurant concept.

“With MasterChef Table, it’s nice not having to guess if the food is good,” Noah said. “It’s all from top chefs and we’re the type that if she can’t see a picture, she won’t eat it. So we’ll, like, just order random food. ‘What’s open, what’s around here. Do we want Mediterranean? Do we want American?’ It’s nice being like, ‘OK, regardless of what we get, it’s gonna be good food.’”

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