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ABC Reporter Stumbles Across Shocking Scene at the Border, Proves What Trump Has Been Saying All Along

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June 26, 2018Jun 26, 2018

President Trump has come down hard on illegal immigration during his administration enacting a 'zero-tolerance' policy against illegal immigrants. While Trump's firm stance on illegal immigration honors a promise that he made repeatedly during his campaign, it has also drawn extreme criticism due to the separation of children from their families.

In response to vocal opposition to the policy, Trump signed an executive order that will allow families to remain together while in a detention facility. Despite signing the executive order, Trump has not loosened his stance on illegal immigration.

To report on the long-running immigration crisis, ABC Reporter Tom Llamas recently embedded himself with Customs and Border Protection agent Robert Rodriguez along the Rio Grande river near McAllen, Texas. The two were walking along a path when they stumbled upon an illegal crossing in progress.

Agent Rodriguez was in the process of pointing out the main trail that smugglers use to bring unaccompanied children and families across the border illegally and into the United States.

“So, those migrant families, this is one of the pathways they come through right here?” Llamas asked.

“This is the main pathway here in the McAllen station’s area of responsibility,” Agent Rodriguez confirmed.

As they continued down the path, Llamas and Rodriguez came across a group of illegal aliens, including a woman with a very small child.  In the distance Rodriguez saw the smuggler make a run for the river. He gave chase, but ultimately is not allowed to enter the river to apprehend the man.

The shocking footage ultimately captured just how porous the border between Mexico and the United States really is and how easy it is for immigrants to flaunt the laws and enter the country illegally.

President Trump has made it clear that he wants this crisis fixed and wants America to have a secure border.