ABC Releases New Statement Amidst High Anticipation for ‘Last Man Standing’ Reboot

May 15, 2018May 15, 2018

In 2017, ABC faced an extensive amount of backlash for abruptly canceling the hit comedy series “Last Man Standing.” In the show, actor Tim Allen played Mike Baxter — a family man of three daughters with a strong marriage and conservative values.

Fans, especially Republicans, were extremely disappointed since it was one of the few comedy shows left highlighting conservative beliefs and held high ratings throughout its six seasons. Although ABC never confirmed the sudden cancellation was in relation to politics, the public reached that conclusion on its own.

In early May of 2018, Allen tweeted, “stay tuned,” which sparked fans’ curiosity on what was to come. Fortunately for “Last Man Standing” fans, it has been confirmed that the show was picked up by Fox for a seventh season.

Amidst high anticipation for the comedy’s return, ABC released a statement on Tuesday, May 15th about the reboot getting picked up by another network, reported E! News. A reporter asked if the success of “Roseanne,” another comedy promoting conservative values, made the network second guess their initial decision about “Last Man Standing.”

President of ABC Entertainment Channing Dungey assured, "The decisions that we made last year in terms of canceling Last Man Standing were made with the best information that we had at the time."

"We'd had a couple years running where we came down to the wire in terms of being able to make a deal with our studio partners and unfortunately, that year were not able to come to terms and we were not able to bring the show back," she added. "But I wish them every success in the return of that show on Fox."

However, Dungey also confirmed that in the second season of “Roseanne,” the show will drift “away from politics and [be] more focused on family,” according to the Washington Post.

This comes on the same day that Fox released the official trailer for “Last Man Standing.” Watch the full trailer here.

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