A WW2 Widow Discovers Her Husband Is a Hero In France

June 29, 2015Jun 29, 2015

In the French town of Les Ventes, the citizens have been honoring a fallen American pilot for the past 71 years.  

Billie Harris an American fighter pilot who was shot down over Les Ventes, France in July of 1944.  He was able to control the plane long enough to steer it away from the town.  He crashed landed outside of town and was killed.

For close to 60 years his wife had no idea what had become of Billie.  Peggy Harries waited all her life for answers that never came.  She only knew that Billie was “missing” and for her entire life just assumed he had died.  After a relative looked into what happened to Billie, Peggy received the surprise of her life.

The main street running through the small town of Les Ventes is named “Place Billie D. Harris”.  The townspeople march down this very road three times a year for the past 60 years to remember Billie’s sacrifice.  Even reading Billie’s name from the commemorative plaque brings the mayor to tears.

The deep admiration of the townsfolk is now transferred to their hero’s wife.

Watch the story below and see what Billie and Peggy’s sacrifice means to the people of Les Ventes, France.