A North Carolina Mom Jumps to Her Death After Killing Her Two Children

January 15, 2018Jan 15, 2018

A North Carolina mom jumped to her death from a highway bridge Saturday after fatally injuring her two children, ages 7 and 3, whose talents she praised in a series of YouTube videos, police said.

The mother posted so many cute and loving videos of her children online, including one in which Iliyah sings a song she wrote called, “Mommy, I love you.”

“I always trust you,” the little girl sings in one post under the mother’s handle, Tina Lateena.

Police said Treadway jumped from a bridge on Interstate 485. After she was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities came back to her home to find the two children at home alone with life-threatening injuries that required them to be taken to Carolina Medical Center, where they later died, according to WKRN. 

CMPD officials said their investigation revealed that Treadway assaulted her children before jumping off the bridge.

Police said they had located the children’s father and that he is not a person of interest.

Investigators said they are not looking for any suspects, but are working to determine what led Treadway to hurt her children.

That is at the core of this investigation: What would cause someone to be so despondent to want to take their own life and take the lives of their children? But that’s going to be a key component of the investigation, and we’re nowhere near ready to speak on that,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Maj. Mike Smathers said.

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