A New Movement Is Sweeping Through Social Media, Shaking Americans to Their Core and Making Them Question Long Held Beliefs

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June 30, 2018Jun 30, 2018

If you’ve turned on a television, listened to a radio, read a newspaper or logged onto social media since President Trump took office you have been bombarded with some of the most vile comments and hostile attacks aimed at Trump supporters and Republicans.

Based on the reporting from some mainstream news outlets and the social media feeds, one could believe that all of America hates President Trump and that he is an inherently evil or racist individual. However, the ultra-biased reporting about President Trump has had the opposite effect.

In spite of the loss of civility in this country, a new movement is sweeping across the nation and is opening the eyes of a lot of people. Behold the #WalkAway movement.

Hundreds of thousands of Democrats and Liberals across the country have declared that it is time to walk away from the party that they have known their entire lives. People from all backgrounds, races, genders and sexual orientations have left in droves and have taken to social media to tell their stories.

Here are some of the most powerful stories of why these people are choosing to leave the Democratic party behind: