A New Low: Obama Censors Video Of French President Saying THIS.

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April 03, 2016Apr 03, 2016

After every terrorist attack Obama refuses to put a name to the terrorists.  He stands in front of the cameras and declares that the United States stands with France and with Belgium, yet somehow remains unwilling to tell the world what the world already knows.

Can anyone remember the last time that a major terrorist attack was not carried out by radical Islamic terrorists?  The 1990’s? 

The fact is that radical Islamic terrorism is the single biggest threat facing the world today.  Unfortunately it has gotten to the point that when there is an attack, the world knows who carried it out. 

Obama has taken his silence on radical Islamic terrorism one step further.  It is no longer enough for him to remain silent when there is an attack, he has now taken an active role in silencing others who acknowledge what the threat is.  According to MRC, the White House censored a video of French President Francois Hollande discussing the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Hollande had sat down at an event with Obama to discuss terrorism.  The meeting was captured on video and put up on the White House website.  Shortly after, it was removed.  When it was finally put back on the site, Hollande’s references to “Islamist terrorism” had been removed from the video.

Hollande has said that “Islamist terrorism” was at the “roots of terrorism.”  The president of France knows firsthand of the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism as he has seen his country and his European neighbors brutally attacked by Islamic radicals.

It is unfortunate that our allies will have to wait until January of 2017 before the President of the United States finally acknowledges what the rest of the world already knows.