A Musician Saved By An Angel, Turns To God

June 20, 2015Jun 20, 2015

Marcus Stanley had it all.  He toured the country as an R&B pianist with some of the most popular acts in the early 2000’s.  He had money flowing in.  He also played piano for gospel groups but never put any stock into the message they were promoting.

Everything changed one night in 2004.  Marcus was gunned down while walking back from the store.  He was shot 8 times by an unknown assailant on the street in what turned out to be a gang initiation.  In that instant Marcus thought about his life and his imminent death.  “Nobody would know what happened to me”, Marcus said in an interview with CBN.

As he lay bleeding on the ground, Marcus felt and saw a presence.  “I knew it was an angel”, Marcus said.  The angel that Marcus described stood guard over Marcus until the paramedics arrived.  The angel reappeared at the hospital and stood watch over Marcus while he was in surgery.

Marcus recovered from the surgery but faced many physical issues including nerve damage in his right hand.  The doctors told him that his piano playing days were over.  Marcus proved them wrong, but not before falling into a severe dependency on painkillers.  Five years later he hit rock bottom.  It was then that he cried out to the Lord.

Watch Marcus’s testimony and see a man completely transformed…