A Message From Candace Cameron Bure: Give Up THIS For Lent Instead!

March 03, 2017Mar 03, 2017

Lent is a form of preparation in certain religions starting on Ash Wednesday and lasting through almost Easter Sunday by praying and repenting. During this time, many commit to giving up something as a form of fasting.

A few of the most common things given up for Lent in 2016 were chocolate, alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee.

But Candace Cameron Bure has a better idea!

Bure posted, “Don't give up a food for Lent. Join @karenehman for #DoingLentTogether & give up using your words wrongly instead.”

Her post contained this photo:

The #DoingLentTogether campaign states, “Words are powerful and they have consequences. They can declare love and life or deliver discouragement and defeat.”

You can learn more information here.

What do you think of Candace’s commitment for Lent? Will you give it a shot?

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