A Member of the Royal Family Just Got Plastic Surgery, See the Before and After

April 30, 2018Apr 30, 2018

A member of the royal family is getting plastic surgery, but it's not for superficial reasons. Mike Tindall, the wife of Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Tindall, fixed his famously crooked nose, reported People

The rugby player has broken his nose several times during his athletic career. He first broke it when he was only five years old, and he's done dealing with struggling to breathe.

“I don’t really want to get it fixed, but it looks like I might have to because I can’t actually breathe very well,” Tindall told the Daily Mirror in 2015. “I guess it’s something similar to a pug.”

The 39-year-old grandson-in-law of the queen had quite the obstruction. His nose sat at a 45-degree angle, and both of his nostrils were collapsed. That means he could only breathe out of his mouth.

Tindall stepped out in April 2018 to show a visibly straighter nose. Hasn't commented on the surgery. 

He'll be able to dance to his heart's content at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding without losing his breath. He'll be glad to be able to celebrate freely.

Tindall, who was born a "commoner," was one of the first members of the royal family to speak out in support of the couple ahead of their engagement. In August 2017, he revealed he wasn’t worried about Meghan's ability to handle the spotlight.

“It comes with a lot of history and the family that it is. It’s obviously nerve-racking. But she has been under enough scrutiny and pressure in her day-to-day life so I’m sure she will get through it. She will be fine.”

He continued, “As long as they are both happy that’s all that you can ask for. She’ll do absolutely fine.”

In January, Mike and his wife Zara announced that they are expecting another child. Just one year earlier, the couple suffered a miscarriage. They are parents to 4-year-old daughter, Mia Tindall.

Mia is a bit of a spotlight stealer. She grabs Prince Harry's attention at polo events, and she displayed great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s purse during official photo shoots.

In other news, see Prince William and Princess Kate in a throwback photo. They've been married 7 years! 


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